Ashley Hollom - Senior Mortgage & Insurance Advisor

Ashley Hollom

Ashley Hollom

Senior Mortgage & Insurance Advisor

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As a mortgage and insurance specialist I provide holistic advice to my clients in these areas. I make sure that clients get what they want and are suitably protected for the future.

My advice is whole of market meaning I have no ties to any specific lender, bank or insurer. I want what is best for the client and their scenario and like to make these solutions feel and sound simple.

Outside of work I enjoy playing football on the weekends and going abroad to explore new countries when possible.

Why did I get into financial services?

The overarching reason why I wanted to join the industry is to help clients from all backgrounds meet their financial goals. It was also lucky that my father Tony had so much experience and wisdom in the area which I could learn off directly.

He has passed this onto me and with my knowledge of all this technology I have helped the business be able to assist clients faster and with greater ease. Meaning everyone benefits.

I like using this outlook to make sure clients get what they need. Whether that be a first time buyer looking to purchase their first property or a family of four making sure they are properly protected with the relevant insurance.

This attitude has led to long standing business relationships with clients coming back for help with all sorts of things. As they know I will always be at the end of the phone to help them with their needs.

My qualifications and experience

Having been in the sales industry for many years prior to becoming a mortgage and insurance advisor, the communication side of the job came naturally to me. On top of that though there was obviously a lot of training and studying to be done to get qualified to advise.

I am fully CeMAP qualified [certificate] and have been advising since 2018.

In addition to this CeMAP qualification as an advisor I go through constant training and testing via our network New Leaf Distribution who also insures us for our services.

Above New Leaf is the FCA where we you can see here that we are registered. This also shows our connection to New Leaf Distribution along with the advice we are allowed to give. There is also vital information on there about how you, the customer, are protected.

As well as these credentials you can also see my personal listing on the FCA register here.