Sue Hollom – Executive Assistant

Sue Hollom

Sue Hollom

Executive Assistant

Being the in-house executive assistant I am always on hand to help either Ashley or Tony with client duties and also act as a liaison between clients and them both.

At true advice financial services our main aims are for speed of service, clarity of communication and full honesty with our clients. I look to help build towards that mission statement by assisting the advisors wherever I can to speed things up and take things off their busy plates.

I carry out a lot of admin duties, manage the company finances and make sure things are running as smoothly as possible in the office on a day to day basis.

Away from the office I enjoy taking long walks with my husband Tony, collecting more nail polish than I can feasibly use and getting away somewhere hot when the cold English winter sets in.

Why did I get into financial services?

Prior to being in this line of work I held many administrative roles in the finance industry. Being a bank teller for American Express back in my hometown of Brighton was the start for me. Ever since then I have been intrigued into finance and helping people get what they need.

Fast-forward to marrying Tony back in 1993 and not long after that we decided in order for the business to expand it would be best I assisted Tony in the day to day running of the business.

Being the executive assistant really fulfills a lot of my passions with regards to helping people and also having a giggle along the way. It means I am speaking to numerous different people every day which provides a variety that I crave.

My qualifications and experience

In my role I require no formal qualification and have no personal interest in progressing to be a qualified advisor. But I do have over forty years experience in customer facing roles, client management and face to face sales stands me in great stead to help you seek the advice you need from our qualified advisors.

On top of this you can see my FCA registration here along with our companies FCA registration here. As a business we are monitored by the FCA but between ourselves is our principal firm New Leaf Distribution.

We have been working under New Leaf since 2015. They provide our training, systems, client management, software, insurance and compliance with the FCA. We have a great relationship with them and they help us exceed with our clients.