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How we can help to get you a health insurance policy

Nothing is more important than your health and well being. Most insurances in this sector cover you for when the rainy days come and terrible thing such as death occur. In this situation life cover would pay out to whoever is designated the money in a will. Private medical cover is insurance that looks to prevent that by giving you the best care available. Setting up a health insurance policy is the way to make sure you are kept in the best of condition at all times.

Here at True Advice we have a whole of market list of insurers to choose the best cover from. The level of private health insurance cover really differs from provider to provider. They all offer different packages, levels of cover, specialties and key benefits. It can be tough to navigate all of this and find affordable health care. Here is where our expertise and market experience come into play. One of our professional advisors will go over your private healthcare needs and sort out a package that suits you and fits your budget.

Let’s take a look into the key benefits of going private below…

What are the benefits of private medical cover

On top of having access to a private hospital and exclusive drugs and treatments there are many other benefits people are not aware of. Yes, there is an extensive list of private hospitals that you can have access to. You also get access to the secluded private wings of NHS hospitals and private consultancies for consultations and diagnosis.

Of course with different health insurance plans there are different benefits and exclusions. A lot of the factors, treatments and care that you will / won’t have access to will obviously be based on cost and budget. Things such as private dental treatment, physiotherapy, levels of excess and certain treatments can all be tweaked to fit your budget. The main thing though is that you get cover that you feel comfortable with and that will mean swift recovery for you from any ailments.

Getting rid of NHS waiting times

The absolute key benefit of going independent as opposed to the NHS, is obviously, the reduced waiting times. As you can see here the wait for treatments on the NHS is lengthy. It is well known that their target waiting times have not been hit since 2014. Often the key to getting better in with most illness and injury is the swiftness of remedial action. Private health insurance cuts these waits down massively with consultations within days, appointments booked at a time to suit you and most importantly, swift & top of the range treatment.

When it comes to your health, there is nothing more important. The stress, uncertainty and anxiety caused by long waiting lists and cancellations of appointments will only take it’s toll. Utilizing this insurance and the many private hospitals around the UK goes a very long way to maintaining your health. Private hospital beds, personalized care and attention from the same doctors and free hospital parking are some of the few extra benefits you can look forward to on a private health insurance plan.

Protection for your own health as well as the families

One of the main reasons a lot of people approach private health insurance companies is they want to assure protection for the whole family. Getting family private medical insurance can really make sure that you are all taken care of going forward. Adding children and spouses onto the plan is definitely possible. It will obviously cost more the more people you add though.

Making sure the whole package is right for your family can be difficult though. Some insurers offer discounts the more people you add and others price it differently. With our whole of market access we really make sure we can offer the best family private healthcare that you can afford. Putting together a package for yourself and your family is absolutely free of charge with us as well.

Is it easy to put a health insurance policy in place?

Generally, private medical cover is a lot easier than other insurances to put in place. Let’s look at private medical cover’s underwriting process versus say income protection. With income protection cover you fill out a full medical history form that goes off to an insurer. If there are any conditions included that may concern them and they want more information on, they will go to your GP for a report. When that comes back a full assessment will be done. Either your policy will get a rating which means increased premiums to deal with the risk of your current health status. You will get exclusions, meaning you can’t claim if certain medical situations happen that will be linked to your current health. The best case scenario is you get standard rates and the worst case is you get declined insurance.

A health insurance policy works quite differently to this. There are two schools of medical underwriting, moratorium and full medical underwriting. Full medical underwriting is cheaper but requires a full health questionnaire and analysis done. The more common policy is the moratorium. With the moratorium policy the insurer is less invasive. Insurers state that if you’ve had a pre-existing condition in the last five years before you take out cover, you’ll only be covered for it once you’ve been free from medication, treatment, diagnostic tests or advice for the condition for two continuous years after your cover started.

The best way to start your health insurance journey today is simply get in touch with us. We will talk over your needs and budget and set out a great plan to protect you, today.

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