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Our Financial Advice Services In Oxted

With client satisfaction at the heart of everything we do here, you can rest assured you will be properly looked after. Solidifying that trust in us is key to our advice process and that is why we are one of the best if not the best reviewed financial advisory firm in the area. Feel free to check out our reviews.


Mortgage Advice Oxted

Buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions a lot of us make in our lives. Getting a place we can call our own is a huge milestone. To do this properly and make sure you are getting the best deal there's no better way than receiving whole of market, professional mortgage advice.


Pension Advice Oxted

A private pension pot to fall back on later in life is invaluable. But where do you start? How do you invest in schemes that suit your profile? Are you getting the most from your money? Help in this area is key and this is where our pension advice can be crucial.


Insurance Advice Oxted

There is nothing more important in life than making sure the things you care about are protected. Professional insurance advice means that this can be accomplished absolutely free of charge. That is right we advise on insurance with no cost to our clients.


Investment Advice Oxted

What is the best way to get the most out of your money? One of life's greatest questions. Investment advice takes away the stress and gives you knowledge as to how you can invest your money in a way that suits you the investor. Step into the investors club today with our tailored advice.


What our clients are saying about us. Read more reviews on Google.

"After 40 successful years in business the Covid shutdown was sending us under the hooves of a very large horse. I knew after my first conversation with Ashley that I had gone to the right man. Never in business history has a financial matter been so smooth and painless."

John M.

"Excellent service and without True Advice’s knowledge and expertise I would not have resolved a tricky financial situation I was in. Would 100% recommend."

Nigel P.

Mortgage Advice Oxted

It’s universally recognised that one of the best investments you can make is to buy your own property. Generally speaking, the value will appreciate over time and if you get the right mortgage advice you will be paying away the debt over however many years is right for your budget.

For first time buyers through to the more experienced home movers there are many benefits you can get from hiring a professional, whole of market adviser to take care of your mortgage.

Let me tell you specifically a story of some first timers that came to us who wanted to buy a property down Rockfield Road in Oxted. They weren’t even sure they could actually buy a property because having  had a family quite young they had gotten on a bit before being able to earn enough to get a property big enough. That’s where we really stepped in to help them finding a lender that would take their employed income to the age of 75 meant a mortgage was affordable and doable for the client as it would finish the year they retired which worked perfectly for them.

This is just a snapshot of one of the ways clients unique circumstances can actually achieve the loan they wish, utilising the correct consultation from ourselves.

Pension Advice Oxted

Whether you want to travel the world in your later years or just tend to the big garden in your property that you spent so long paying off the mortgage on. Everyone is different with how they want to spend their retirement but spending it in the way you want is inevitably going to cost you some money.

You can achieve this many ways, you could work part time, you could have your own business running on the side or you can utilise a private pension fund. The only option out of those three that is going to take no work at all is the equity pot. You spend all your life building it up with regular deposits and the return on investment then you can take it in your later years and also benefit from a tax free lump sum at the beginning.

It all starts with a personal meeting with our financial advisor. He has been in the business of helping clients retire happily for over thirty years. He’ll sit down with you and go over your current situation and how we work to help manage your funds going forward. Setting a goal for your retirement and assuring it’s realistic, achievable and within your attitude for risk. Starting a fund and managing it can be tough and confusing, let us take those concerns off your plate.

Insurance Advice Oxted

A lot of our clients do not come to us directly for insurance advice. It’s not a common thing that we consult people on specifically. That’s because usually life insurance or critical illness cover is tied in with a mortgage or to protect something in specific.

For families it’s absolutely key, but not always at the forefront of their minds. Life is busy enough as it is and especially with kids, protecting everyone isn’t normally thought about.

For example, we did a remortgage for a client down Peter Avenue. We managed to secure them a great new rate in their family home which resulted in a few hundred pounds a month in savings. On top of that they did not have any life insurance or protection in case the bread winner fell ill.

Off the back of this our protection consultant did a full holistic analysis of the family’s budget, needs for insurance and any gaps that were present.  Once given the recommendation the client really realised that living without anything in place put them and their family’s well being and serious risk if there was any dark days ahead. We managed to save them money on the mortgage and they left us with full protection from injury, illness and death so that the family would not undergo financial hardship in these cases. Giving all of them complete peace of mind going forward.

Investment Advice Oxted

Having money in the background can really give you a sense of calmness. Knowing that with any disaster or family event that might come up you have money to cover emergencies is really reassuring. The only issue with that is the money is sitting there and not earning you anything.

Typically banks interest rates are very low and can earn you as little as 0.1% which is a shoddy return. Investing this privately with our independent financial adviser can really boost the returns and provide you with a fund over time that is actually worth something.

The key benefits of using us to manage your fund is that firstly, we take care of the ongoing management of this. Moving the fund as necessary as market conditions change and making sure your pot is growing in line with your attitude to risk. We also make sure there is diversification so that the risk is managed for you and this matches up with your attitude to risk. All of this is discussed initially in our free consultation which you can have face to face with our professional advisor.

Financial Advice East Grinstead

Why Us

The goal of our family business has always been to provide a personable service that leaves our clients feel like they have been truly taken care of. When Tony set the business up back in the 80s that core value was what he strived to achieve.

Many years later the company is going strong and has expanded it’s family outreach to include wife Sue and son Ashley in the business as an executive PA and senior mortgage and insurance advisor respectively.

Despite the growth, those values have not changed. We provide a truly tailored service to our clients using our whole of market access to make sure you get the best package and advice possible. On top of that we really and truly believe that speed of service and consistent communication goes a long way to easing any stress or confusion that could potentially come with financial advice. We believe that putting these beliefs of ours first really results in a first class service that has seen clients come back year after year for our guidance.

Financial Advice Oxted

When you come to us you come for the complete package. We want to take care of you from day one, to the end of your process with consistent communication along the way. Contact us today to discuss your needs and see how we can service you further.

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Regulatory Statements

Equity Release

Equity Release plans are not right for everyone. And it is important that you fully consider your options and receive independent financial advice before making a decision. It is also important that, if you do decide to use an equity release product, you choose one that meets your needs.

Remember that taking an equity release plan is generally a long term option. However, there are flexible plans available that may fit your varying needs and some will allow you to repay in the future without penalties.


All investments involve a degree of risk of some kind. This section describes some of the risks which could be relevant to the services we provide you. We may provide further risk information during the course of our services to you, as appropriate.

Our services relate to certain investments whose prices are dependant on fluctuations in the financial markets outside our control. Investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount you invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.



Buy to Let Mortgages

Some Buy to Let Mortgages are not regulated by the FCA.

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