Call us, we are still in the office

Call us, we are still in the office

That’s right, despite the Prime Minister announcing England’s second lockdown, we are still here to assist our clients. How can we manage this you may ask? Well for some of you that haven’t visited or newer clients, our office is home based. On top of that we all live in the same house as well, being a family run business. This means that abiding by COVID guidelines set out by the government is relatively easy for us. We can still advise over the phone, zoom video call and all the other wonders of technology.

So call us, if you are worried about your finances or need some advice, just pick up the phone. There’s nothing better than hearing and getting reassurance and knowledge from experienced and qualified financial professionals. We are updating our knowledge daily, keeping up with the COVID landscape and how it changes our industry daily. Let us impart this knowledge onto you to give you financial peace of mind. We will remain open.

Can we still do meetings?

In terms of using our office for client meetings this will now be ceased until the lockdown is over. If there is an absolutely necessary situation where we would have to see a client and could not do this over video call or zoom then we will have to consider arranging an appointment. Obviously we will follow strict COVID guidelines as set out by the government and will not take this decision lightly.

It will be a shame for us to not see clients as much face to face as we are used to as we like to create long lasting, personal relationships with clients. But we have to make sure that we are doing our bit to help us get out of this lockdown and back to a new normal as soon as possible.

The property and financial industries in lockdown

As the secretary of state for housing, communities and local government Robert Jenrick has announced, the housing market will stay active. Valuations, moves and legal processes are to go ahead meaning we will not see a knock on effect on the mortgage marketplace. This is really beneficial as it means that we will not see the backlog in valuations that were suffered earlier in the year. We anticipate more action in this marketplace as everyone  tries to take advantage of the stamp duty holiday.

To wrap it up, just give us a call if you are unsure of anything in this article and most importantly, stay safe and well.